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  1. Doom says nobody needs to learn math anymore. Registers have made it unnecessary.Pat: I bought something at a McD’s and the charge came to $6.12. I only had a Ten, so instead of getting a big mountain of crap, I hand the girl $11.12. She looked at me like WTF is this? I said “punch it into the machine”…..it kicks out $5 on the screen. She looked at me as if I just did some fabulous magic trick. Then she starts eyeing me like I am a stud……If I only knew at 16 that I could pick up chicks 25 years later because I was good an math I wouldn’t have been half as depressed.

  2. I am concerned that my patients are exposed to unpredictable dangers when cared for by doctors who have to use this unproven systems. People like Lieber (I like his red high heels, by the way) make self serving statements belittling the physicians who have to establish work arounds to protect their patients from the defects of the devices he is promoting.Something is wrong with this picture.

  3. Oh, Melville!!!Pero no es Melville, no. Aunque está inspirado en uno de sus relatos. Yo creo que es un escritor al que tengo pensado dedicar un texto de su libro “Extraña Forma de Vida” acompañando a uno de mis cuadros.Hablo de Vila- Matas.¿Es?Libro, Bartleby y Compañía.¿Es?¿No es?Adoro a este señor. Si no es, no me importa, ahí queda su mención y de paso mi recomendación.Salu2!

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