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    1. Otto, por favor, me diga o que “nós não en2eodemns&#8t21;, nós: os “criticos do ceticismo”!, mas fale com detalhes e defenda seus argumentos, ficar só acusando de maneira vazia é uma estratégia de quem não tem o que dizer…ha, o texto não é bom não, é uma tragédia, uma discussão epistêmica palpérrima, ingenuo e tão longe da filosofia da ciencia que tenho vontade de chorar.

  1. Shoe trees might help, they can help stretch the shoe a little. My grandmother and her sisters had their own tricks using lots of damp newspaper crammed into shoes to make a 38 a 38.5, which is sometimes all it needs to make a shoe chafe less. Sorry about the blisters. Those pavements are hard. Heel cushions might help.

  2. I’ve had a busy and stressful time at work this year, but never so bad that I would want to divorce myself from my community. Grocery shopping, picking up drycleaning, and doing errands are a part of my social life. I live in this community, which comprises the people that work where I shop. They shop where I work. I don’t have many dinner parties, I meet my neighbors at the grocery store and we converse. Sometimes we have block parties and potlatch.

  3. Funny how Dr Helen and her rightwing minions fail to discuss all that reckless war spending that has been going on for the last 8 years in addition to the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy and corporate elite. If this nation didn’t have enough Joe the Plumbers on Main Street, Wall $treet wouldn’t be in the pickle it’s in. In fact, if Ralph Nader had been president these last years, this country wouldn’t have been screwed up by now. I’ll take socialism over RIGGED and unfettered “capitalism” at this point.

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